Blog No. 4 / Learning From a Gallery Curator / by steve joseph

Basic advice here is to take advantage of any private time with gallery curators, directors and owners. During a recent gallery show I had time to talk with the gallery director about his plan and direction. Two bits of information particularly stood out from these conversations:

-  When you read posting for a juried show research who the juror is. If you get into the show and the juror particularly likes your work you can make a good connection and they will recommend your work for future shows. Skip any ‘tba’ listings.

- Galleries have a direction and lots of stress getting into well known shows like, say, Art Basel Miami. If they are accepted for a few years in a row, then are not accepted, it is not good. 

- You may want to look into places to show and sell work outside of  traditional galleries, like showrooms, stores or gift shops. Wherever it is, it's important to have the same price on your work. If someone buys from out of your studio, the price still should be the same. A 10% discount is standard, some galleries discount or give free delivery for special return clients. One bit of advice for pricing your work is to find similar work and see what other artists are selling this work for.