Blog no. 15 / MY Favorite Sculptural GLAss artists / by steve joseph

You know how TV Networks do “The Best of...” shows at the end of the year? They show the highlights of year, splicing together favorite segments, and treat it as if it is something extra special for the viewing public. In reality most of the staff is tanning on a beach in the Bahamas, while the interns run the show. It is a lazy way to end of the year while keeping the audience happy.

Don’t worry, I am not going to do this to you.

Instead I’d like to share the work of artists Cheryl Wilson Smith and Adam Kurtzman. Two of my favorite sculptural artists. This is only an introduction, I will leave it up to you to visit their web-sites. 


Cheryl’s work fits into the palm of your hand, they are delicate and complex kiln-cast works pictured above. The inspiration of the pieces come from interpreting the northern Ontario light, landscape and wilderness. They are made of individual layers of glass grit. I find the work spiritual and precious.

Cheryl lives in the far north of Canada, in a remote and isolated location far from galleries, from sales, and from other artists, yet she is a social person. She is about to leave home tomorrow, to do the interior design show in Toronto, then a residency in Norway inside the Arctic Circle of Norway (close to the North Pole), followed directly by another show, the Artist Project in Toronto. She will be traveling for over a month for her art.

Please take the time to learn about  more of Cheryl’s work on her web-site.


Los Angeles artist Adam Kurtzman most recent work is named the “Urban Series”. It is large scale architectural sculptures that are meticulously built from use hundreds of cut and slumped glass tiles (see above). The results are glowing super structures that act as art objects as well as functional lighting. Adam describes himself as a “hard-core glass junkie.” He describes “the big payoff of the artists life is the privilege of experiencing the process, the love of the journey, and the product being completely secondary to that road”.

His work is sold through select venues in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, and has been used for props in film and television, as recently as “American Horror Story”. 

Currently you can see Adam’s art in New York the George Billis Gallery, and the Metropolis Modern showroom, as well as the ArtHaus Gallery in San Francisco.

Please take the time to learn about  more of Adam’s work on his web-site.


I first met both Cheryl and Adam about three years ago. Both work in “sculptural glass”, both ultra-talented, have a fantastic body of work, and aren’t afraid to discuss the excitement and stress that come with their art careers.

Cheryl works out of Red Lake, Ontario, Adam from Los Angeles. To imagine how north Cheryl is, just look at the temperature of minus 10 Fahrenheit (minus 23 Celsius) this January day. Los Angeles is 70 Fahrenheit (21 Celsius). Because of the distance from New York, I organized a series of face-to-face discussions using Skype with both of them. Each had certain issues they wanted to seriously discuss about reaching their goals. 

We talked many issues including the best way to take their careers to the next level, without wasting time. Topics ranged from artist statements, to logos, the look of their work and web-site, and the best way to photograph their work, among many other items. I feel every artist should have other professionals they can seriously talk about important issues. 

Soon after these Skype sessions I was able to meet them both in person. Adam took a private class in my New York studio, and Cheryl took a painting on glass class I was teaching at The Studios of Key West. In 2013 Cheryl helped organized a “Meet & Greet & Learn” with artist from Toronto. It was a round table talk on 10 top issues facing professional artists. I have worked along side Adam twice in his LA glass studio. 

I am totally enjoying how these relationships continue to grow in many challenging and unpredictable ways.

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