BLOG NO. 20 / The Making of Cinderella / by steve joseph

In my 20th blog I'l like to show and tell how "Cinderella", my latest commission, was created.

1. The image on the far left (above) was supplied by the client. They asked me to use the figures of Cinderella and her Godmother in a new setting. I presented the three designs on the right. These were created using PhotoShop and InDesign programs. From there we had a few minor changes.

2. Once a design was approved I produced this sketch to repaint on glass.

3. I cut glass to fit into sections of the sketch, then paint by hand, or spray with an air-brush.

4. Some pieces (left) are painted and fired a few times. Once all the pieces are painted, they are copper foiled.

5. The work is layered and soldered together, then placed into a wall hung light box.
See the final work here.