BLOG NO 22 / MAKING A SEURAT / by steve joseph

 My exhibition at the OUT Hotel (Manhattan 2016) resulted in one of the largest commissions I have done to date. It was based on a very tiny conte crayon on cream paper titled "Study For Bathers at Asnières" (above) by Georges Seurat (French, 1859 - 1891). The client has the art in his collection and asked me to super-size it in glass, to measure over 70 inches (1.7 meters) tall.

I suggested using black frit which was kiln fused onto clear glass. This kept the integrity of the rough texture, matching of Seurat's chosen 'Ingres' brand of paper. The clear glass was placed over a sheet of off white Uroboros glass, creating shadows within the glass. The final installed work has a texture you can see and feel with your fingertips. 

The image was divided into 20 equal size panels, that were copper foiled and soldered together. The challenge was not creating the art but installing the work. 

I placed the glass panels onto a wooden support, finished the soldering, lifted the support and placed it near the existing framed opening between the kitchen and the dining area. We then lifted it into place and secured the work from the back. Truthfully we asked two buff doormen to do the lifting... the work weighs about 200 lbs. (90 Kilograms).

Here is the final work in position. It measures 60 inches wide by 70 inches tall (152 x 178 cm) and can be seen from both sides. The view from the behind is a frosted effect. Below is me in front of the art to show the scale of the work. 

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