BLOG 31 / Being a Writing Assignment at Providence Day School / by steve joseph


I was very pleased to have Edwin Gil as a student in my class at Pittsburgh Glass Center in 2017, and was very excited when he got a phone call during one of our dinners out, saying he was accepted as a professor at Providence Day School, a'global' college prep school in Charlotte, NC.

Months later he asked me to have a Skype interview with students from two of his art classes.

The students did an excellent job asking me questions about my art, and I hope to meet them in person for a lecture and demo at their school. Edwin actually made me a writing assignment for the class, and was nice enough to send me a few samples. Here are seven essays:

Joseph Cavalieri is an award winning New York glass artist. He has taught people how to airbrush, paint, and print on stained glass all over the world. His work is apart of many museums around the world. Joseph Cavalieri focuses most on gallery exhibitions and private/public art commissioners. Even though he had a brain tumor and had brain surgery he won’t let that stop him from making beautiful art. 
     Joseph Cavalieri was a magazine designer for the People magazine when he found out he wanted to be an artist. Some of his sisters are artist. He was introduced to glass work after two of his five sisters took classes. He was then re-introduced to glass work by UrbanGlass. When he was a little boy in Kindergarten he would always draw the most incredible things his teacher noticed and supported his art. Joseph works in his studio most of the time cutting and painting glass. His studio is on East Village where it reminds him of his favorite type of art medieval Europe. He believes he was born in the wrong century. 
     Joseph Cavalieri spends his time in his studio designing, creating, and cutting. Joseph tries to push concept behind his art work. He started to add LED lights behind the artwork so the customers can see it at night and during the day. He says seeing the light go through the colored glass memorizes people. Each time I do a sketch I put in a folder so I can come back to it for ideas. He thinks of art as a profession not a hobby because that is what he does full time. He likes to show his work and talk about his work in public. - Mary Linda
I think that Joseph Cavalieri is a wonderful artist and when we Skyped him he seemed to be a pretty cool guy, here’s what I think makes him a great artist and a professional artist nonetheless.
Joseph Cavalieri has permanent work in 5 museums, and he teaches classes all over the United States such as Brooklyn, NY. I think that that is very nice of him because now others can learn the beauty of art through his work and that will make for a very successful career path for him.
I also now look up to Mr. Cavalieri because when you met him and he was your mentor, he really inspired you to become an artist that already were, but you just had not completely come out of your shell yet. 
     Over all Joseph Cavalieri is a very successful artist and I would to Skype, see his work, or talk more and closer about the work Joseph Cavalieri does and how. - Mauren
I think Joseph Cavalieri was an interesting artist to talk to. It was cool that we got to FaceTime him and get his perspective on things. His technique is fascinating and amazing at the same time.
A few things I enjoy about his art is that he works with LED lights which I think is pretty cool. It is almost as if it is a night light that can totally change the perspective of the the panting. I also like that he shows the buyers what he wants to do and see if they like it. I think that it is a smart idea to do that.
     His are in general is actually very impressing. It has many different colors of glass and lots of detail. I think it is cool that he took advantage of his graphic designing skills and great cutting skills to perform amazing pieces of art. - Karishma
Joseph Cavalieri is a native New Yorker who works with glass. He created a unique and new way of using stained glass
     Joseph Cavalieri uses a very unique technique. He uses L.E.D. lights so you can look at the art whenever you want, even when it’s nighttime. He also incorporates humor, like including characters from The Simpson’s T.V. Show to make it funny. Sometimes he also makes it religious but humorous as well. 
     I think Joseph Cavalieri’s art is very unique and shows who he is. I like the type of art he does because it is beautiful and very cool. - Millie
I think he’s a very talented person and his art work is very creative and his ideas are super smart. He does art projects for other witch is really kind. I hope his art work can expand and hope he does bigger projects. - Michael
I really like the technique he uses to create his pieces because the method of installing lights behind the glass is really practical and would be handy for people without many windows. I also think it's nice how he can turn super cool digital art into a real piece. It inspires me because he mixes two types of art together to make this really cool piece. - Naomi
I think that Joseph Cavaliers is a cool artist. I love his art and someday I would like to do glass to. I cannot get over how talented he is with his art. The one in piece of glass that I liked is when he did all the LED lights in so you can see it at night.
     Joseph technique is very cool. His approach to his glass is very chilled back, also just to get things right. I liked the way that he talked to us about cutting glass it is so cool that a little diamond can do so much. Then the way that the clamp thing can just break it is so cool, just in the way that you want it.
     I would love to meet Joseph one day. I would love to talk to him on how to get started on glass. It would be cool to know how he got his inspiration on his art. He is a very cool artist and I would love to meet him one day. - Emerson