BLOG 35 / Excelente Argentina / by steve joseph

Little drawings of the students, notes on the fable, their background and where they sit.

Little drawings of the students, notes on the fable, their background and where they sit.

Readers of my blog, please tell me when you are tired about hearing about the friendly and talented people in South America.  

I just finished a 5 day workshop in Buenos Aires, and would like to share some photos and highlights from the class. It was organized by Lourdes (of Lourdes Zenobi Glass Art), Paula Lekerman, and Claudia Golzman, who hosted the class in her large home and garden. 

class b 9 (EZ).jpg

Not really sure where to start, I guess it is appropraite to thank the EZ Print company who generously donated packages of screens for the students to use. Here they are drying in the sun. We found the standard work better than the high res.

When I first met Lourdes, Paula and Claudia, they kept on talking about this mystery student named "Clara". For the first day her name was mentioned over and over again. Who could this popular Clara be??? I soon found out the term 'clara' means 'clear' and is used constantly.

Onward with the class...
The class was 5 days long, for 5 gentlemen and 7 lady students. Weeks before we met I gave each student a choice of three Aesop's fables to choose from, then we painted, atomized, printed and sand blasted glass and completed some fantastic stained glass panels using the Tiffany method. We had a huge kiln and at one point filled it up with three layer of shelving for an overnight firing.

Below are photos of all aspects of the class.. EXCEPT... I am saving the work these students made for one of my lecture I give when teaching. You can also see many on facebook. 

Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the yoga breaks we took. But I did get one of the food!

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class d.1lunch.jpg

I don't want to be overly sentimental or "sappy", but this was truly my best class to date, not just because of the high quality of the students, but my immediate excitement seeing what they did with the techniques I taught.... oh, and there was an outpouring of love too!